Bhaskar the rising

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As the debutant album, Bhaskar decides to enrich this album with the old virtues’ of Hindustani Classical music which is supposed to have started with Dhrupad Dhamar and has made a long way to the twenty first century with experimenting this music with new sounds and music from all over the world. In this album, listeners would enjoy a vast range of music starting with Raga Gurjari Todi, where Bhaskar renders Dhrupad style Alaap, Jod and Jhala followed by a composition in Dhamar Tala, then getting into the romantic mood of Raga Charukesi with a small Auchar followed by a Bandish in a complex cycle of 9 beats, Matta Tala and double tempo Teentala, 16 beats rhythmic cycle.

After the classical rendition Bhaskar gets into the world of experimental music. He performs a composition in Raga Jog to a very popular rhythm of the new world known as Drum & Bass.

At the end he takes his listeners on a beautiful voyage of India where Bhaskar performs rich Indian folk melodies showing the diversity and unity of our great and ancient land, INDIA.

Shri. Bhaskar Das: Bansuri

Pt. Udai Mazumdar: Tabla/ Compositions

Anindo Bose: Programming, Bass Guitar, Arrangements, Recording, Mixing & Mastering